World's first React Native App Builder!

How React App Builder Works
React App Builder - create unlimited number of apps

Builder Features

Why this app builder is different than anyone else.

Unlimited number of apps

Create unlimited number of apps. No restrictions. You are able to create iPhone and Android Apps

React Native Code

You are getting the source code of the App. This code is configured from meta data. And since you have the source you can extend it with your own functionality.

No Coding required

Pls see our instructions videos, to see how to setup and use the App Builder. No coding knowledge is required..

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is this a SaaS platform?

No! Unfortunetly this is not a SaaS ( Software as a Service ) solution. So you can use it, only on your own, for yours or apps for your clients.

2. Is this multi user platform?

It is designed for single user. But you can add more than 1 user to share the same workspace

3. I just bought the project, where to start?

Thank for the purchase. Pls follow the video docs. Video Docs.

4. Where I can test the app builder?

On top, there is an email input field. Enter your email and submit. We will email you with link to the builder and instructions on how to login and test the app.